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Crime, mischief, general malaise; these problems just won’t go away. But what to do about your graphic design needs? Is it true that designers possess super-powers and the ability to read minds? No, but you can call Tim McMahan and you’ll find an expert in print and website design. Tim uses his abilities with the latest design technologies to bring about engaging and empowering design.


  • Does God Exist

  • Future 5

  • The Door

  • Orphan Summit

  • Relief Simulator

  • Tableau

  • 8 Seconds

  • President's Scholars Program

  • To Everyone an Answer

  • Home Run Trout

Web Sites

  • Zum Communications
  • Reconciled World
  • Box Office Pop
  • Building Talent
  • Up & Running Again
  • Conway & Robison
  • Mana Studios
  • Truth Centered Transformation
  • Experience Good
  • Tony McVey Studio Arts
  • MGM Financial
  • Kingsbury Uniforms
  • Russian Leadership
  • Trout Baseball



Photography is a side hobby for Tim. Here are some of his personal favorites.




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